What you can expect in the Members area ?




  • I run a private website which is absolut personally to me. I am not showing pictures of any persons without me which might be not of interest to you, but I try to bring you in my “private legsworld” and like to show you my last secrets
  • GOLDENFEET is my world. I am a Feet Fetish Queen and have a lot of fun to let you take part on my erotic live. As member you have the possibility to meet me and it is a pleasure for me to spoil you with my feet and hands. Straight sex is not of interest to me.
  • There are for the moment over 100.000 pictures,. 880 sets  and 100 videos on my site, on which you have full access.
  • The newest pictures are in High Resolution by 1800 x 1200 pixels. You can download them without limit and also per zip-file.
  • The pictures are only to be seen on my site.
  • Nearly all pictures have been taken by my own team. They show me personally or with some friends together, while the focus is always on me. There are no propaganda pictures or those from other persons, in which you might not be interested in. Exception are pics of my friends, for which I have created an own gallery. May be one or another girl is of interest to you.
  • I update my site mostly at the weekend. In case I should be on a business trip or on holiday the update may be delayed, but at the end you may be sure to have the certain number of pictures per month.
  • I am answering all my mails personally. If you have any suggestions, questions or wishes do not hesitate to contact me any time. Due to the high number of email it may take one or two days until I will andwer you.
  • Each member has 24 hours access to my pictures and videos. You may download these for your personal use only. I offer zip-files to make the download easier for you.
  • As member you also have the possibility to take part on photo shootings. I am stedy looking for females and males and special locations. If you should be interested send me your request and a few pictures that I know who is contacting me. I prefer good looking women and “strong” “hard” men.
  • If you like to become a member I offer you two different providers. There are many possibilities to pay and you may be sure that the transaction  is absolutely save by 128-bit encryption.
  • If you do not want to pay over the Internet it is also possivle to make a direct payment to me. Let me have your request in this case
  • It is possible to cancel the membership any time you wish, so that you have no risk at all !
  • I hope that you like my arguments and I would be pleased to welcome you very soon as member !
  • I hope to see you soon
    Kisses Sarah